2015 2016

Grade 5




1st quarter

Five themes of geography



Longitude and Latitude


Temperature Zones

Relating to the importance of geographical skills.

 Understanding the structure of the Earth and plate movement.

Learning about rotation and revolution-causes and effects.

Demarcating time and temperature zones.

2nd quarter

Map work





Map reading and effective use of an atlas.

Identifying the peculiarities of each continent.

Learning about marine life, resources and features.

3rd  quarter

Introduction to History




History of the subcontinent


History of Lahore

Acquiring historical skills.

Placing events and eras in chronological order and working with timelines and pictorial clues.

Tracing the history of the subcontinent from the Invading Forces to the Mughals.

 Exploring the history and culture of Lahore.                 

4th  quarter

Natural Hazards





Human Rights

Recognizing the potential of natural hazards, their patterns and precautions.

Development of civic sense and social  responsibilities.

Differentiating between needs and wants

Awareness of basic human rights.