Social Studies



Grade 3



1st quarter

Cardinal points

Magnetic compass

Simple plans and map work

World map

Map reading with the help of a key and true north

Understanding the working and use of a magnetic compass

Making and following simple plans

Labelling and locating the continents, oceans, Equator and Prime Meridian

2nd quarter


Fact file



Flag and anthem


Map work


Developing national identity

Understanding the history and geography of Pakistan

Locating Pakistan on the map of Asia and the world

3rd quarter

Introduction to History

Early Man

Early settlements

History of local toys



Community Helpers

Understanding how the past affects us

Placing events on a timeline and in chronological order

Investigating the life of Early Man

Following the progress of Man into village life

Tracing the development of toys in the subcontinent

 Know and understand the importance of different community helpers/ workers.

4th quarter


Products of Pakistan


Wildlife of Pakistan

Caring for the environment and conservation

Know about the products / exports of Pakistan

Understanding the pros and cons of different forms of transportation

Learning about our peculiar wildlife, its habitat and survival