Curriculum 15-16

All quarterly break downs are tentative


Class 3

1st Quarter


2nd Quarter


3rd Quarter

4th Quarter


Introduction to the different Holy books and places of worship

Universal message of peace.

Hazrat Adam AS and Amma Hawa

Hazrat Musa AS

Bibi Mariam

Hazrat Isa AS

1st and 2nd Kalma with translation

3rd  Kalma with translation

Sana and Surah Fatiha

Sana and Surah Fatiha

With translation

Diversity and tolerance

Cleanliness and Wuzu

Blame game/Backbiting

Prophet Mohammad PBUH’s Family Tree




Class 4

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter


3rd Quarter

4th Quarter


Islamic calendar

Hazrat Ibrahim AS

Bullying and teasing


Tashhad with translation

Hazrat Yusuf AS

Sura Falak and Naas with translation

The Muslim World


 Sura Ikhlas and Kafairoon with translation


Hazrat Mohammad PBUH in Madina



Islam – the religion of discipline

The Middle East Today

The story of Mohammad pbuh



The Ark of the Prophet Nuh and The Great Flood



Class  5

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter


History, importance,



Family tree and time line of the Holy Prophet PBUH

Khulfa e Rashideen

Prophet Mohammad pbuh’s message of peace

Ayat ul Kursi with translation

30 names of Allah

30 names of Allah

Prophet hood

Charity/Zakat and brotherhood

The Middle East Today

First 3 Kalimas with translations


30 names of Allah


 Azan translation


 Islam and culture of different Muslim states


Rituals of Haj