Music Syllabus

1          What is music?
2          Importance of music
3          Kinds of Eastern music  (Folk, classical, Semi classical, Thumri, Ghazal, Sufi music, Qawalli, Geet, Folk)
4          What is pitch?
5          What is Beat?
6           What is rhythm?
7          Voice Culturing
(At least one raga)

Second Session

1          What is ascending and descending
2          What is tempo
3          Performances
4          Kinds of Western music
5          Voice culturing
(At least one raga)

Third Session

1          Instrumental Music
2          Introduction of the various musical instruments (Eastern &Western)
3          What is Orchestra?
4          International standard of the Orchestra tuning
5          What is opera?
6          Voice culturing
7          At least one raga
8          Performances