Computer syllabus for class 5


                       Microsoft PowerPoint

         What is a multimedia presentation

         Multimedia System

         What is Microsoft PowerPoint

         Slides, Placeholders and notes

         Creating a new presentation

         Adding Information

         Changing the background

         Presentation view

         Animation effects




                                    Microsoft Word


         What is word processing software?

         What can word processing software do?

         The Title Bar

         The Menu Bar

         Scrolling a document

         Page Layout

         Selecting Text

.         Editing Text

         Viewing a document

         Splitting a document

         Inserting text

         Using the undo and redo commands

         Inserting the date and time

         Inserting page numbers

         Using the find and replace command

         Inserting symbols

         Inserting a watermark

         Using Tables










































                                                      Microsoft Excel  

         What is spreadsheet

         Microsoft Excel

         Starting Excel

         Opening A New Worksheet

         Type of Data

         Entering Data

         Editing the data

         Formatting the data

         Saving a worksheet

         Printing worksheet

         Quitting excel

         Inserting new row and columns

         Using a formula

         Copying a formula

         Using functions

         Inserting charts




                           Microsoft Paint  

Draw a straight line

Draw a freeform line

Draw a curved line

Draw an ellipse or circle

Draw a rectangle or square

Draw a polygon

Type and format text

Erase a small area

Erase a large area

Erase an entire image

Stretch or skew an item

Change the size of your picture

Set the default foreground and background colors

Fill an area or object with color

Create custom colors

Change the color of an existing line

Copy color from one area or object to another