Class 3


Information Technology Class Outline

Course Goals:

Begin the process of becoming Technology Literate: “the ability of an individual, working independently and with others, to responsibly, appropriately and effectively use technology tools to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create and communicate information.”

Class Format:

Practical lab activity

Required materials:

·         Projector

·         Softwares to be taught



2)Typing Tutor

·         Demonstration hardware

mouse , keyboard  e.t.c


Create condusuive learning comfortabl environment and will perform basic computer tasks in a Windows environment.

Learning by doing:

Encourage students not to write too much rather to perform practically

opics to be covered:

Quick review about:

Basics about computer terminology:

v  Definition

v  Input /output

v  Input device/Output device

v  Hardware/software

v  Memory Storage

·         Usb 

·         Data Cable

·         Ram

·         Rom

·         Secondary

·         Primary

Windows Basics

·         Desktop

·         Taskbar

·         Start Menu

·         Titile bar

·         Tool bar

·         Menu bar

·         Maximize

·         Minimize

·         close


·         What is a folder?

·         Purpose of folder?

·         How to create folder?

The Keyboard

·         Control and Alt Keys

·         Arrow Keys

·         Backspace Key 

·         Delete Key

·         Caps Lock Key Press

·         Enter Key

·         Esc Key

·         Function Keys

·         Shift Key


·         Space Bar

·         Number keys

Hot Keys

Hot keys along with the purpose will be introduced:

·         Save: ctrl+s

·         Cut: ctrl+x

·         Copy: ctrl+c

·         Paste: ctrl+v

·         Print: ctrl+p

·         Undo: ctrl+z

·         Redo: ctrl+y


Why MS Word?

“Microsoft Word is a word processer. Word is used to create and edit written documents. A word processor is the most commonly used software programs and people tend to learn how to use it first.”

Exploring MS Word

Formatting and editing will be primary focus.

1) Office Button:

Important functions of the Office Button:

·         New – start new document

·         Open – open an existing or previously saved document

·         Save – save document

·         Save As – save same document under a different name

·         Print – print document

·         Close – close active file

2) SAVING a file in MS Word:

Files are saved as .docx in MS Word 2007. Microsoft Word has the option to save documents in a variety of formats, including .doc, .txt, and .rtf.

3)Exploring tabs in the menu bar that includes:






Detail functionality will be discussed:

v  Home

·         Font size

·         Font style

·         Font color

·         Fill color

·         Highlight

·         Alignments





·         Cases





·         Bullets & numbers

·         Heading styles


v  Insert

·         Inserting picture & clipart

·         Shape tool

·         Smart art & charts

·         Working with rows and columns

·         Applying header & footer

·         Formatting word art


v  Page Layout

·         Border and shading

·         Layout



·         Page setup




·         Watermark








Typing Tutor


It helpins you to improve the typing speed of the students. Typing Tutor is a great tool when you are learning typing because it can help you to improve your typing speed by means of lessons, advices and advanced tests.


Lessons increases their difficulty according you move forward to higher levels; besides, those are not typical boring lessons, but you can play games where you will have to type very well if you want to move forward to next lesson.